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    Home > 9"x6"x2.5" 2 Compartment Takeout Container
    Biodegradable Food Containers
    9"x6"x2.5" 2 Compartment Takeout Container
    9"x6"x2.5" 2 Compartment Takeout Container
    Item# lggbfc962
    List price: $9.99
    Our price: $9.87

    Looking for an eco-friendly styrofoam clamshell replacement? These hinged clamshells from Eco-Products™ are made from sugarcane fibers, with a similar look and feel to Styrofoam.

    Unlike Styrofoam, sugarcane clamshells will completely compost in 45-60 days

    Sugarcane clamshells won't soak up grease and liquids, so they're perfect for burgers, fries, and other to-go food.

    • Compostable Take-Out Container

    • Made from Sugarcane

    • Eco-friendly alternative to styrofoam!

    • Completely composts in 45-60 days!

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