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    Organic Cotton Baby Quilts
    Organic Cotton Patchwork Quilts:

    Jungle animals, toys and fairies, abound on these adorable organic cotton patchwork quilts! These beautiful organic cotton quilts are made of jersey knit organic cotton on the patchwork side with an organic cotton fleece backing. These organic cotton quilts are crafted from low-impact dyed jersey organic cotton. Low impact dyed organic cotton only contains the level of chemical content recommended by the Organic Trade Association.

    Though vibrantly colored, these patchwork baby quilts do not contain bleach, formaldehyde, or any of the other harmful chemicals that are typically used to finish cotton. These quilts are very warm and cozy, the perfect size for travel, going to the park, and using as a play mat. Your baby deserves the best, so pamper your baby with these beautiful patchwork quilts today! Made in the USA.
    We have a great collection of true organic cotton clothes, bedding, and toys for your baby. This collection includes both "color grown" organic cotton and low-impact dyed cotton.

    Color grown organic cotton is not dyed but grown in green, brown and other natural colors. Color grown organic cotton is essential for those with allergies, chemical sensitivities, and nervous system disorders. Color grown organic cotton is pure, natural, and healthy! Low-impact dyed organic cotton is also an excellent choice for your baby.

    Low-impact organic cotton fabric is healthy for baby and the environment by eliminating many dangerous chemicals and metals, allowing only the use of non-allergenic, non-metal, and non-carcinogenic pigments.

    The chemical content in our low-impact fabrics is only to the degree that is recommended by the Organic Trade Association. These dyes also have minimal impact on our soil and ground water.

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